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******************SEPTEMBER IS SIZZLIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*************

Sep 3rd "Judy Boyd" on piano

Sep 4th "Tory Leviton" plays all the latest hits

Sep 5th "Teresa Carroll" becoming a house fav!!!!!!!!

Sep 10  "John Gallion" solo piano tonight

Sep 11th "Chris Kroger's Jazz" trio in the house

Sep 12th "Judy Boyd" brings the house down!!! 

Sep 17th "John Hayden" on piano tonight

Sep 18th "On the Rocks" in the house tonight

Sep 19th  "Red Sax Trio" rockin the house!!!

Sep 24th "Tory Leviton" back on piano for the night

Sep 25th "Altitude" back by popular demand!!!

Sep 26th "SAS" back in the house!!

*********************OCTOBER IS COOL************************

Oct 2nd "Teresa Carroll" back by popular demand

Oct 3rd  Welcome back "Kevin McPherson" w/classical guitar

Oct 9th Danny "Frankie" Wein back in town!!!

Oct 10th "SAS" rockin the house !!!

Oct 15th "Tory Leviton" on piano tonight

Oct 16th "On the Rocks" killin it!!!

Oct 17th "Altitude" a crowd favorite!

Oct 22nd "Judy Boyd" solo on piano tonight

Oct 23rd "Chris Kroger" jazzin it up with his trio!!

Oct 24 "Red Sax Trio" is a house favorite!!!

Oct 29 "Shelly" from SAS solo tonight!!!

Oct 30th "Danny Wein" singing Franks favorites

Oct 31 "Judy Boyd" scaring up the spirits!!! BOO!

*******************NOVEMBER IS CHILLIN************************

Nov 5th "Cary Steinberg" playing guitar tonight

Nov 6th "Red Sax Trio" A Nonna's favorite is back!

Nov 7th "Tory Leviton" playing all your favorites on piano

Nov 12th "Judy Boyd" plays for your dining pleasure!!

Nov 13th "Teresa Carroll" in for the night

Nov 14th "Chris Kroger" jazzin it up!!

Nov 19th "Stuart MacAskie" on piano tonight

Nov 20th "On the Rocks" right on time!!

Nov 21st "John Hayden" solo piano tonight!!

Nov 26th  **CLOSED**

Nov 27th "Judy Boyd" in the house!!

Nov 28th "Alex Tripp Quartet" is back in the house!


Dec 3rd "John Gallion" on piano for the night

Dec 4th "Altitude" back by popular demand!!

Dec 5th "Chris Kroger's" Jazz trio rockin the house

Dec 10th "Judy Boyd" solo piano

Dec 11th "SAS" continues to rock it out!

Dec 12th "Red Sax Trio" never disappoints!!

Dec 17th "John Hayden" on piano for your dining pleasure

Dec 18th "On the Rocks" last time in 2015

Dec 19th "Danny Wein" in the house!!!

Dec 24th "Tory Leviton" tickles the ivories!

Dec 25th **CLOSED**

Dec 26th  "Judy Boyd" says goodbye to 2015

Dec 31st  "Tory Leviton" bring the year to a close!!

************************Welcome 2016*******************************

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