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************************OH MAY*************************

May 1st "Tory Leviton" tickles the ivories tonight! 

May 2nd "Julius" sings the favorites w/Tom on piano

May 3rd
"Danny Wein" singing all your Sinatra favs!

May 8th "Chris Kroeger" on the keyboard!

May 9th "Red Sax" Trio back as promised!

May 10th "Tory Leviton" playing world class piano

May 15th "Jane Lemmers" on guitar tonight 

May 16th "On the Rocks" in for the night!!!

May 17th "Gregory DeGroat Band" band for the evening!

May 22nd "Tom Sandquist" on piano tonight

May 23rd "Branden Sipes" plays the guitar & sings! A must see!

May 24th "Chris Kroeger's" Jazz band returns for the night

May 29th "Danny Wein" back in the house!

May 30th "Altitude" is welcomed by Nonna's for the 1st time!! Don't miss it! 

May 31st "Judy Boyd" closes out the month! Don't miss her! 

*********************JUNE JUBILEE*********************

June 5th "Chris Kroeger" on piano tonight

June 6th "Julius" with Tom Sandquist on piano

June 7th  "Mark Pressey" brings his trio in for the 1st time tonight

June 12th "Mark Pressey" solo on piano tonight

June 13th "Red Sax Trio" rocking the house!!!

June 14 "Tory Leviton" on piano with world class music

June 19th "Branden Sipes"  singing & playing guitar! Don't miss him

June 20th "John Hayden" solo piano tonight

June 21st "Chris Kroeger's Jazz Trio"

June 26th

June 27th "Judy Boyd" Trio....a house favorite 

June 28th "On the Rocks" closes out the month

*******************JULY IS JUMPIN'**********************

July 3rd  No music scheduled

July 4th     CLOSED

July 5th No music scheduled

July 10th "Branden Sipes" on guitar, if you haven't heard him...get in here!

July 11th "Cindy Williams" Trio tonight

July 12th "Tory Leviton" taking requests on the piano

July 17th "Tom Sandquist" solo on piano tonight

July 18th "On the Rocks" back in the house

July 19th "Branden Sipes" in case you missed him last time

July 24th "Ellen Rucker" on piano tonight

July 25th "John Hayden" solo on piano for the evening

July 26th "Chris Kroeger" has a duo tonight

July 31st "Tory Leviton" rounds out the month

******************HOT AUGUST NIGHTS****************

Aug 1st "Judy Boyd" back by popular demand

Aug 2nd "Danny Wein" swooning the night away

Aug 7th  Mark Pressey "Piano Man" here for the night

Aug 8th 

Aug 9th "The Gregory Degroat" bands is back for the night

Aug 17th "Judy Boyd" plays solo for us

Aug 15th  "On the Rocks" tonight

Aug 16th "Cindy Williams" has a duo tonight

Aug 21st "Tory Leviton" on piano

Aug 22nd "Red Sax Trio"....a house favorite

Aug 23rd "Tory Leviton" on piano tonight

Aug 28th

Aug 29th "Chris Kroeger's" duo tonight

Aug 30th "Judy Boyd" closing out the month

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