Our Story

"There is absolutely no substitute for the best. Good food cannot be made of inferior ingredients masked with high flavor. It is true thrift to use the best ingredients available and to waste nothing." - James Beard

Located @ Leetsdale & Monaco Since 2004, Nonna's Chicago Bistro has been a family run business in Denver. In 2005, Nonna's wine bar was added to create an even more Italian feel with space for local musicians. In 2012, the family changed, but the commitment to serve great food remains. We are dedicated to supporting local businesses whenever possible & bring to your table a wonderful dining experience. A perfect place for a glass of wine,  a romantic dinner, girls night out or a family get together.

 We strive for perfection, so if something is not right, please let us know, and if it is right, please tell your friends.

 Thank you to all our loyal friends for all the support you have given us. We truly could not have done this without you!

 -Brian, Nancy & Miss Lilli